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Welcome to "Math Room". You must be the guy who can shoulder the whole world on your back in the coming 21st century. Well, let's stop kidding. Anyway,you like math don't you? I'm very delightful to hear that. Because, math is not a favorable subject for most students in Japan.

In Japan, almost every high school student who wants to enter a college has to take a severe entrance examination. I guess these math problems for the entrance exams are very unique. Because they have to be adequately difficult to select new enrolled college students, but they must not go beyond  high school level. That is, they are difficult but they shouldn't  require any additional formulas or theorems which are not taught in high schools. Thus, sometimes even university professors fail to solve the entrance exams.

In this page, I can show you some of the math problems which I originally made for high school students for the last couple of years. And some of them were accepted by a monthly published math magazine (which is named "Daigaku eno suugaku" meaning "Math for university"). I made them up on my own, however, I had to make the problems so that they  could be solved by high school students, thus it may have been come up with by other persons before. In that case, please email me. Otherwise, I have the copy right.

Problem and Answers (PDFfile)
No. Field difficulty stars
1. quadratic curve hardest *** Problem Answer
2. solid figures(volume) hardest *** Problem Answer
3. solid figures(volume) standard * Problem Answer
4. solid figures(area) standard *** Problem Answer
5. solid figures(area) harder *** Problem Answer
6. solid figures(volume) hardest *** Problem Answer
7. solid figures(volume) harder ** Problem Answer
8. solid figures(volume) hard ** Problem Answer
9. solid figures(angle) hardest *** Problem Answer
10. plane figures(angle) hardest * Problem Answer
11. solid figures(area) harder *** Problem Answer
12. Integral(series) harder *** Problem Answer
13. solid figures(volume) hard ** Problem Answer
14. complex plane(angle) harder ** Problem Answer
15. complex plane(series) hard ** Problem Answer
16. complex plane(norm) harder *** Problem Answer
17. complex plane(line) hard * Problem Answer
18. complex plane(triangle) hard * Problem Answer
19. complex plane(quadrilateral) standard * Problem Answer
20. complex plane(circle) standard ** Problem Answer
21. complex plane(area) hard ** Problem Answer
22. complex plane(area) standard * Problem Answer

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