Visualization of Taylor Series with MuPAD
15th ATCM in Kuala Lumpur , Dec17-21, 2010

This is a presentation I did in ATCM2010 at Kuala Lumpur. The presentation itself was  20 minutes and 5 minutes for question&answer. Since it was the first oppotunity for me to do a presentation in English in an international conference, i got so nervous. But I am happy now that I could manage it somehow. It was a good and precious experience. The topic of my presentation was 'how to teach Taylor series to high school/university students in a more interactive way?' My idea is with the help of computers, you can really magnify graphs and compare nth-remainderRn(x) and (x-a)n, by doing so , you can  get a taylor series with your eyes and no calculations! Furthurmore this  leads to one of many proves of taylor series very naturally.


(1)YouTube Videos (HD quality)
- English, Japanese
(2)PDF files
-TaylorE.pdf (English), TaylorJ.pdf (Japanese)
(3)GeoGebra in html (GeoGebra is not required)
-sinx.ggb, log(1+x).ggb, cosx.ggb, mean-value.ggb 
(4)Geogebra source files (GeoGegra is required)
(5)MuPAD files of Taylor series (MuPAD 4 or later is required)
(6)MuPAD files interesting but no relations with this presentation (MuPAD 4 or later is required)

Files are written by Geogebra&MuPAD except pdfs. GeoGebra is a free open source software, you can download from here. When you open *ggb files, please use 'animation' . It is more impressive and fun. But,you don't need to install Geogebra to see *.ggb embedded in html. You need onlyJava environment. To manupulate/see,  you need MuPAD (or Matlab symbolic tools). Unfortunately, unlike GeoGebra ,MuPAD is not free and not sold independently, that is you have to buy MatLab and Symbolic tools together, which is quite expensive.

Copy rights
I wrote all of these files myself and I keep my copy rights. Still, you can use my files in a class room,or you can modify my files but you are not allowed to post my files (or modified files) in public without my consent.

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