Presentations at ATCM (asian technology conference in mathematics)

These are the presentations I did at ATCM. ATCM is an international conference which focuses on how computer can contribute math education in general. Target audience is  high school teachers ,  university students & professors who specialize in math education .Normally presentation is  20 minutes and 5 minutes for Q&A session. But in the videos below, I modified my presentations, because there is no time restriction.

I have been making math problems for high school students in Japan. And I contributed some of my problems to eJMT. eJMT is founded by Professor Wei-Chi Yang who also founded ATCM. It has a big stock of math related online resources and I contributed my math problems to the "problem corner" section. My problems are written for top level high school students in Japan. You don't need university level math.

my presentations my problems

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