Hilbert's distance (generallization of Klein model)

Almost all files are written by Geogegra 3.2. To manupulate these files , you need Java environment (JDK/JRE). You can download JRE from here.
You need plugins for Cabri2/Cabri3D to see some files written by Cabri, even if you have Cabri. To download plugins,please check these: cabri2cabri3D .Once you install the plugins, you can manuplate figures on the files with mouse . To move the whole figure, please drag with Ctrl key down . For reconstraction, please click the red inverted triangle. At the bottom, there are also original cabri files which you can directly manipulate with Cabri/Cabri3D SOFTWARE (not plugins).

If you can read Japanese , you can get detailed explanations of these files and mathematical proves from the PDF section below. There are one-to-one links to Cabri/Geogebra files.   Note that , however, you should use 'back button' of your browser when you come back from these links, if you close the brouser, it also closes original PDFs.

This chapter(especially appendix) is highly motivated by Professor Mauricio in Chile. Please refer to his paper.

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