100% Pure Java Graph Tool

You can play with the 100% pure Java graf plot tool and caluculator on this page. The graf plot tool enables you to plot a graf in two different ways i.e. explicit  and parametric forms. In addition, it has several options. For example, translation and extention of coordinates, change of scales of coordinates . Furthermore,in case of parametric plot, you have the options of changing a step of parameter and embedding the value of parameter on the graf. The calculator can read standard math functions such as trigonometric functions, hyperbolic trigonometric functions sqrt and so on. They are mostly equal to Java standard functions. Calculator may look easy to programm. However, it was the crux part of this applet. Because, Java API 1.1 only have the method of picking up the data on textfield as String data.

You can also download the class file of the crux part of this program from here. But since this is a class file that it could be usuful only for Java programmers. In addition, I don't have any responsibilities for the possible bugs, sorry.

1.basic operators

Addition is [+], subtraction is[-], multiplication is [*], devide is [/],powers is [^].

Note; you can't omit '* .For example, "2x" is wrong, "2*x" is correct.

2.math constants

Pai is [pi] , e( base of natural logarithm) is [e]

Both must be typed in lower case. Also you can't substitute any numbers for them.(For example, "pi=3" is wrong, but "Pi=3" is O.K.)

3.functions; You need a pair of bracket to use a funtion. For example, "sinx"is wrong, that should be "sin(x)". Let me show you some basic functions.

trigonometric functions sin(x),cos(x),tan(x)
exponential functions exp(x)=ex,pow(a,x)=ax
logarithmic functions log(x)(base is e),log(a,x)(base is a)
square root,powers sqrt(x),a^x=ax
absolute value of x abs(x)=|x|

2*x+3 2x+3
x^2 x2
(x-2)^2 (x-2)2
x^3+x^2 x3+x2
sin(x) sin x
cos(2*x) cos 2x
tan(x)/2 tanx
exp(x) ex
x*exp(x) xex
log(x) logx (base is e)
pow(2,x) 2x
log(3,x) logx (base is 3)
abs(x-2) |x-2|(absolute value of x-2j
sqrt(x) square root of x
random() random function(interesting?)

5.CalculaterGYou can use variables upto 10 with the calculater.
such as;

expression; 2*a+3
variable & value; a=3

You need a bracket when you use more than two variables.

expression; 2*x+3*y
variable & value; (x,y)=(3,2)

Of course, you don't have to use variables. And you can use standard functions.

expression; sin((2-(4-3))*pi)
variable & value;

6.Help; To get more explanations, see the help file.

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