String to Double class file

This is a class file which converts String to double. You can download from here. You can see samples at my other Java programs such as Mr.Maffine or simple graph/ calculater.
It doesn't use recursive call. Instead, it caluculates every time ( j is closed. For example, you can calculate String data in Textfield (such as 2+2/3 or a+b+c if a ,b, c, are specified).

There are three  public methods..

(1)double calculate(String s)
calculate s(no variable)
(2)double calculate(String s,String var,double val)
calculate s(1 variable)
(3)double calculate(String s,String[] vars,double[] vals)
calculate s(variables)
Please see for details. Unfortunately they are not static methods thus you have to make an instance to use them.(I should have made them static methods)

This program is one of my first Java programs. And I used lots of String type. I should rewrite this with StringBuffer type but I don't have time. So it may not work very quick. (^_^.)

You can use and modify this program without any notification, but you should not upload or put it into public without any consent from me.  

(Ogose Shigeki)
all rights reserved.