Mr.Muffine-AffineTransform & Paint-

-Application and Applet written by 100 % pure Java-

-5th May 2012-

1. What kind of software it is?
-You can draw curves , graphs or embed digital photos which you took by yourself and then affine transform all of them. You can also see the transformation by three kinds of animations (rotation1/2 and eigenvectors). You can culculate eigenvectors , P-1AP for most of the matrixes. Furthermore you can set any base by yourself. With the combination of these functions 1+1+1 is more than 3. Firstly you can culculate eigenvectors, then you set base with these eigenvectors and finally you animate by eigen vector animation. You will see the effects of eigenvectors by yourself.

2. What can I draw?
-You can draw curves or fill these curves. Or choose jpg/gif/png files.-

You can edit these drawings or pictures later.

3. How can I transform these drawing or pictures?

-First you type in matrix by your self or you choose matrix type from the palette. Then you can transform by

You can also culculate

4. Can I save or print?
- Yes but only with application. Applets can't access local files.

5. Are there any bugs?

-I tried to extinct all of them ,but I'm afraid that many bugs still survive my attack. They are really hard to kill . But Applets can't access to local files at all thus it is totally safe to your PC. Application only access to local files when you choose photos or save. Thus it should be safe too. At least my computer is still safe and running although I have tested this application thousand of times when I wrote this software. (But it may be even better to save important files before you start this application (^_^.)

6. How can I run this software?
-You need Java Runtime Environment(JRE) or Java Developement Kit(JDK) version 1.42 or above. If you don't have one of these, you have to download JRE from sun microsystems(developer of Java). Please check the lower left box. If you see "You have to download JRE"instead of "Start Applet " , proper JRE is not installed in your PC. In this case you have to download JRE. (Download and installation of JRE is quite easy and you can see many other pages which also use Java. )
To download JRE please click here . If you succeed in the installation of JRE, you will see "Start Applet "sign and you are ready.

Applet Application

7. Can I see an example in use?
- Yes you can. I use this software when I teach my students (high school level) and I did a presentation  on the use of software in math education at ATCM (Asian technology conference in math) in Thailand in 2012.

YouTube (HDquality)
  1. basic ideas&animation of rotation
  2. eigenvectors and animation

PDF-linear transformation&animation

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